Drafted In Limbo

by Kevin Midas

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Chapter 1 ▲ Limbo Intro + George Carlin (George Carlin Opening) Verse 1: Neural bad weather, Ke’s a pretty twisted fella. Orals steady pouring. Cheers! Drink from the umbrella. Ivan Ooze deluge. Store the morals in a cellar. Ever met a dork that’s better? Let’s go ask Consuela. They asking me to listen, I just mimic Helen Keller. Comment when it finish? Blank appearance like I’m Bella. Run the game twice, like Sylvester at Coachella. Never writing rhymes. I’m just knitting over novellas. Inside her McGonagall. Eating like I’m Hannibal. Game changer; calling audibles. Winded boxer; ya outta blows. Quick food for thought. Ya love it. McDonalds flow. Grab the glock get bussing! Boxes busting up out of those! Ke slim as a model clothes. Kilik with counters though. Numbers don’t lie. Zeros all I be counting on. Tried to be normal. But, fuck it. I’m a quack ass King… Out here MOLLY WHOPPING DUCKS BITCH! Sold my soul to drugs, all these bags saying I owe ‘em. High influenced shadow. Big thoughts, and I can’t show em. Buddha of the bud, smoking till I find Nirvana. Anima is animaling. So, the villain is my momma. (Chorus) BrainStorm! Hurricane the mental. Sacred sexies. Tomb raid they temple. Psychedelic prophet. Bushels get my bristled. Purgatory pencil. Drafting in Limbo. (Verse 2) Swag outcast with a pen full of passion. Each new hit sound like old nasty class-ics. Downing uppers for the comfort. Middling, I’m cappin’. Praising God for Satan. So, in Limbo I be drafting. Verses such a beauty, talent should be winning pageantry. To rap he is what Gabby is to balance beams. Only foe I see is dragon wings. Enemies a fantasy. Evette called me mumbles. Monotonous tonalities. Voice sound like yo history teacher. I AM THE WORD. Golden Preacher. Excavated bones, can’t guess his creature. Ubermensch mindset. On my Nietzsche. Writing no minutiae. Unknown I choose ya. God bless, achoo ya. Don’t stress no mula. Money come, money go. Ninety-nine never profit. Life’s a box of chocolates…. I really don’t like chocolate. Set by the lords of the chords when I’m bored. Gourd full of swords, I’m abhorred by ya mores. Of course I’m the force turning Fords into zords. Trip with the Imp. Nyx abyss get explored. (Chorus Repeats) (Verse 3) Hazy, lazy, nerd that’s blazing. With a bad chick named Daisy Maisy. Maybe crazy. Say he love her not. Hope he fucking rots. Heartless zombie. Chronic gulping. Sex like Ghandi. Honest, I’ll be all this always. Same lame kid from those crowded hallways… All alone with just a tone. Just a blunt; this isn’t home. Saturn kid that’s trapped on dirt. Ouch! Man, fuck. This planet hurts. Oh, right, should be talking blunts. Made up hoes that’s blowing O’s. O’s on O’s. Uh Oh. Think she overdosed. Soma coma. On the sofa Sophie’s looking comatose. Upsi daisy, upsi dose, I sold her another dose. UFO’s on the low, peering from the blackness. Saturanian giving madness to the masses. (George Carlin Outro)
Chapter 2 ▲ Strawberry Papers in Summertime (Verse 1) Rolling up a doobie, with some groupies, in a hooptie. How fast their legs hit the ceiling… think they had a roofie. The greenery, changes the whole scenery. Chicklets who were mean to me. Wanna come and sing for me… And… yo girl keep on staring, and she lusting how it seems to be. Tell her that this heart is taken. Mary Jane is queen to me. This is not a task for me. Epic happens passively. You put in One-Ten(110) for the shit that takes a half from me. No faggotry. I ain’t wearing bags or jays. Nor whatever ads will play. I’m the only maskless at this everlasting masquerade. Back on game. Dense shit. I drop it at a faster rate. Tell the chick to come alone. I wanna watch her masturbate. Masticate. Ke drops another fucking massive plate. Ugh! She ain’t even eating. She ain’t like thinking. Got done blowing, say my swisher tastes the sweetest. Point out her every weakness. Acting so elitist. Like, I am something more. When, I’m just as bad as she is. (Bridge 1 – Strawberry Papers) So, I rap my hopes, my loves, my sins and my failures. Now they know the real so these niggas tryna scathe us. Strawberry Papers. Ink is my blood, nigga strawberry papers. Rolling up a doobie… nigga… strawberry papers. (Bridge 2 - Summertime) Oh. Summer in the city. Back when life was easy. And you know they call me Impy. So, I know you coming with me. (Let’s go.) (Verse 2) Kicking it on Maple Street. They claiming I’m a monster. Long day planned. Waiting. Tryna make it buffer. Cool kids hanging round. Want to abort my summer. So, I’m bout to start the war. Fort Sumpter. 1985. I’m just trying to be chill with mine. Death God. Snatching daughters up at the winter time. Arrogant fort built up to keep out the snow. Ethan Frome denotes where my hope is bound to go. Flashbacking, seasonal depression. Spring in my step, jumping for the lesson. Spending class in Hogwarts. Mastering my magic. Reality pawned. Grab the wand. Spit Latin. Met the girl in autumn. Fell like the seasons. Healed my heart. Then she heaved it like a heathen. Tricked with her treats. Teeth gleam as I’m bleeding. Last of the Mohicans. Offered grieves for my grievance.
Chapter 3 ▲ Deli Spot + Tre Black (Tre Black intro) (Verse 1 – Tre Black) Headed to the deli for corned beef with bacon bits. Not ‘spose to eat pig. But, I love the taste of it. Cruising with my music loud. Got these haters pissed. Cause I’m the guy that all they girls dream of dating with. Slow down the whip, when I roll down the street. Bass pound in my truck. While I’m pounding yo freak. I hit her in the car. She not getting no sheets. I say run that song back; she give head on repeat. I, smoke while I’m driving. Feel close where the sky is. Blowing this chronic. I’m floating like pilots. Spitting hot shit like I’m flowing with pilots. Don’t ask the time. Cause I’ll tell you, “It’s mine, bitch!” We getting higher than average. My mind gone, and I can’t find it like Bin Laden. Breaking the rellos down, we tryna blow some mo. Call the weed man. Tell him meet me by the corner sto. (Chorus – Tre Black) Headed to the deli spot. I need to put something in my belly spot. Just pass me the ash tray. Just pass me the ash tray. Headed to the corner sto. Probably ‘bout to blow some mo. So, just pass me the ash tray. Just pass me the ash tray. (Verse 2 – Kevin Midas) Heading to the liquor store. High as fuck, but getting more. Twisting. Till I’m sitting up in Mordur. Man, I love my wife. But, I still like fucking more whores. Cussing like a sailor. Get paper like a bailer. Hot as down under, and I’m not talking Australia. Smelling like Jamaica. Swagger innovator. Somebody call up PETA. A pussies getting beat up. Smashing up her Katniss. Poison berries paint her Peeta… And… I’m hung just like the laundry. With a game that make them hungry. Dope King. Blow green fatigue with my army. Nerd King. Fly as Harvey. Modern day Garvey. Bass wild, moshing. Outcasts all marching. Living Hailey’s comet, turn a booth into a crater. Wiz with a needle. But, I’m never claiming Taylor. Made songs in a room that will butcher up the Deli Spot. Volcanic, when I’m cumming. Got the beast with her belly hot. (Chorus Repeats) (Bridge) Hit it. X32 (Tre Black) Smoke it. Toke it. Roll it. Blow it. X4 (Kevin Midas) Get lifted. X16 (Tre Black + Aesiir Baines) We lifted. X6 (Kevin Midas) Smoke it. Toke it. Roll it. Blow it. X4 (Kevin Midas) (Chorus Repeats) (Tre Black + Kevin Midas Outro)
Chapter 4 ▲ Daffy, Daffy Frozen Eggs. (Chorus) Say he never swagging. Pants ain’t even sagging. Hoes he’s never bagging. Why’s he always bragging? Yo! I’m K. Mage. I like wine, weed and babes. Music got that bang. Shit is never lacking. Swear, I’m so insane. Oh, I be so Daffy. Oh, I be so Daffy. Oh, I be so Daffy. (Verse) Duck. So, what? You're all just despicable and I don't give no fucks. Shooting at you bugs, like jump. Elmer with a pump. Sorry, little buddy. D Rabbits, B Jacking little bunny. Turn wrong in Albuquerque? Shit will not be funny. E’rrybody knows Ke get hoes Lola running. Making space jam. Got that stuff. And I'm punny. Ball in 3 ways: Bat, rim, punting. MpD, Alert the Best, call it a Psycho-Sign. Don't fuck with beef; no sexing with bovines. Niggas carry porkchops, like they doug funny. Normies, remind me of my money... Cash is getting dummy! Caraway the honeys, great Gatsby when I'm stunting... … I'm the motherfucking Author. Blow me like the product. Or, go kicks rocks in some fresh expensive pradas. Sorry Mrs. Officer. Every bash is a mash, when you hanging with some Monstars. See us with the crown, now they wanna pull it off us. You really want the green? Well, I'm angry. Peel it off bruh. Skill is like a black guy winning at the Oscars. Meaning, I don’t see it. And, no, I don't read it. So you know.... I don't believe it... Like… Do you really see a sparkling vampire speeding past a bland chick while she fucking bleeding? Cold hearted. Yes, he cold speaking, Cold words. Guess he cold thinking... Mind past Wayne's world; No ceilings. Raven Symones with no clothes. That's sooo Eden. Cool kid. Froze semen. Rewind, catch a cold meaning. So sick, been got to know sneezing. No ice, (C)Seachain, code linking. Life’s a blockbuster, no seating. I'm Cee-loo, 20 below freezing. Ride around like fuck you in snow season. 1 door Ford and it gots no heating. No hat, so I’m frosty for no reason.... For the simple minded, what a nigga really mean is… I'm like listening, to Lupe's second CD, while Sid is slowly drinking a slurpee, brain-freezing. Robert van Winkle mingles outside with Kris Kringle. As Toushiro goes bankai. Snow card debuts on Bandai. Mikey rocks rides by. Bobby drake slides by. Just as that miser guy comes in speaking. And everybody’s thinking that he sounds like Mike McKean. In other words… I'm cooler, like the evening. I'm mo’ cold(cole) than Keyshia and Jermaine at a whole family greeting.... (Chorus Repeats)
Broadway 02:39
Chapter 5 ▲ Broadway (Chorus) Always gauged I’d be better on Broadway. My city has a street named Broadway. Alleyways replacing hallways. Liquor stores, exchanged for Target. I grew up the hard way. I grew up the hard way. (Verse) Lower middle child. Raised in lower middle class. Ol’ Jungle Made Blade tryna wade through the grass. Professor fucking Oak ain’t toss my ass no monster. Sucked off by Lily Munster. I’m a fucking monster. [In a dream I was a werewolf…] (Cocorosie Werewolf Interpolation) Mama told the Youngster. Oh, so you wanna grow to be a badass sorta like you Joey? Well, go ahead and grow weed, let them hoes keep blowing, On Ya, Holy Moly. While probing in their venus, rolling in it so deep… A deli (Adele). Feasting. Preaching. Omen of my seeding! No, I’m never seeing where ya fucking teeth is... Artichoked me. Ate my heart, left it bleeding. Pilger past tense readings! Damn, that’s spicy, need no seasonings… Catch me hiding. Middle of an evening. Full moon rising. Hell on freezing… Lifestyle change ain’t much of a reason. Lifestyle change ain’t much of a reason. Lifestyle change ain’t much of a reason. Freud would have a field day. Homerun, bitch. Adventure. Fenway. Rampage. Classic. No, it’s not Midway. I’m a fucking Monster. Sucked off by Lily Munster. Momma, Momma, ugly little toddler. Got a head like a Harry Potter, Got a love life in the gutter, Got a talk like fucking Butters, Got a walk like Hunter x Hunter, Gotta act, like I’m that, when I do not feel it proper… Got a mind like Jimmy Hoffa… Swear, I’m such a fucking monster. Sucked off by Lily Munster. Mamma mia! Momma me? I am just a youngster. Wearing short shorts when they taunt ya. All those darks poems gonna come back to haunt ya. …. Years… later… They … Caught up… All the…. Tintinnabulations of the bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells. Bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells. All this noise, this noise is the causing… (Chorus Repeats)
Chapter 6 ▲ Don’t Understand (Verse 1) They are at the top. Foundations we will crush. Bring ‘em down to earth. Up the mountains we gone rush. When we reach the top? Yell down. Like, “What's up?” It's all those little kids who ate alone at lunch. We won't be spiteful. We once had the titles. Tell ‘em don’t worry... We are nothing like you, We'll raise you up high too. Bring you to our eye view. Exciteful. Now, the oddballs are the idols! (Chorus) Ahhh! They don't understand it. But there's nothing wrong. See, your mind isn't damaged. You're just so unique. Hate is something that'll happen... Just be you. Watch the ignorance start cracking... x2 (Verse 2) Surrounded by dinosaurs, a land before my time. Try to speak deep but all they peep is a mime, Feed a thirst for knowledge but all they want is wine. Give the painful truth and they say it’s all fine. Preaching on the love but all they want is fun. Ain't nothing wrong with doing what you want, But don't hate on us cause we doing what we does. Feeling like a small fly trying to make a buzz. So the world can hear my words. So they can know of us. Got a few speakers there can never be enough. Hang ten on the billboards; let our message surf. We are what's real, so we don't own the turf. They push us all around cause the brain is where we're tough. Can we lose every brace, every lock, every crutch? Say, it’s time to stand up. Cause enough is enough. Say, “It’s time to stand up! Man! Enough is Enough!” (Chorus Repeats) (Verse 3) Running for the office, I would love for your votes. But not in the ballot box. In boxes we don't go. My platform isn't high. It’s low and it's free. I support the different, the weird, and the geeks. The nerds, the freaks, and the queers. Everything they fear is the only thing they hear, Bring it to their porches. Bring in all the locksmiths. Inside all the houses, Rick Jamesing their couches. No matter what you're party, it's going to be a party. Martyr if they stop me. Their justice just cannot roll with our league. They understand us hardly. Say our britches are too smarty. We dress a bit too artsy. We're just independent spirits! Shyness was the image. But we're here to let you hear it! Lock us in a cage, gavel better have a spear tip! Name is Keo, and this flow was approved for whoever cares to listen... Do you dare to listen? (Chorus Repeats)
Reality 02:06
Chapter 7 ▲ Reality (Verse) The suspension of realness, is something I've had to deal with, Since I was ignoring other children. Imagining fire-breathing dragons in place of picket fences. See... I can never see what real is. View, fictional. Imaginary friends, teachers, janitor and principal. Educate me. Indeed, it's all integral. Gotta learn to picture the picturesque pickings of his minstrel show. New idea. Now, they bask in the mental glow. Head in Phys Ed. Let's get physical! Mama there's no drama. I ain't acting out. There's just a lot of thoughts in my head that I’m acting out. Left-brain taking up for what I lack in stout. To clear it up, go the proactive route... My clarity barely verifies what you all so verily can stare and see. A box that looks a little off, to you, is like a fucking fair for me. Vision, suspended in the dimensions of fiction. Physics are twisted. Picturing Charlotte grinding with no evidence of friction. They say I never listen. Eyes glisten as I stare off in the distance... What is this? A flower? Or a danger hydrangea!? That with one whiff could revert the world to mania! A tour or a family of spies? That's checking out their options cause their tired of the lives…. Surprise! Those aren't cleaning supplies. They’re enchanted rides that witches use to fly through the skies. And this outfit is decked out with hedgehog abolishments, made by Dr. Robotnik. So many possibilities, why bother with reality? Embrace abnormality, disorganize your insanity...
Infinite 8s 03:41
Chapter ∞ ▲ Infinite 8s (Verse 1 – Kid IMp. Childhood.) Slapstick lyrics, I’m the futuristic Rocko. Defy the stereotype. Super gifted Bosco. Fearless when I’m rhyming. Incarnate of a rocket; Otto. Eat my birthday cake. Jet-Set to bed with Cibo Mato. (Verse 2 – Ecclesiastic Kev MC. Preteen.) They don’t love you when you shy bro. Over you they trifle. Rumors you’re a loser. Whine, I’m going viral. Bible said the meek would inherit. New demerit to disciples. Big kids got fists like fucking rifles. Growing up ain’t vital. Please stay inside those Phantom Tollbooths while you can. You’re lucky Milo. I’ve been there. Trust me. I know. (Verse 3 – Zero Limits. Teenager) My urban estate, mothering Bates, can’t escape this Psycho cycle. So, we might go irate. Please, be careful mate. My confederates, separate, go Shiloh. Scott Summer slumber. Sleep with one eye closed. Niggas minds gone. Blame the dead presidents and letting in YOLO as the motto. Peer through your judgmental goggles… Niggas within the ghetto hollows. Dreaming in the bottles. Girlies in the reins with no tops on. All hoping today they hit the lotto. Everybody tired. We just wanna retire with Banks like the model. Guns locked and loaded for the next nigga at our do’. (Verse 4 – Legacy. Mid-Teens) And you know we got dough. Smoke it up like pronto. Slide it down the line like a conga. Mix it with the Adderall. High focused combo. Nigga getting higher than a ten-story condo. Blowing fairy dust with Wanda & Cosmo. Say you wanna see HD, hit this weed. Trippy Fandango. We living on the Edge, like we stepped on stage with Bono. Never coming down slow. Head banging like a Congo. It’s all sound though. Got another pound in the pocket of my cargos… (Verse 5 – Kiji, The Author. Late Teens.) And it starts to show. On this cosmic road… We lost, where we were bound to go. Primordial. GPS. Black tie. Formal. Chaotic soul. Idiotic. Symbiotic. Connecting through erotic lows. Neurotic. Smoke narcotics. Pop hypnotiqs. Blending tonics. All in attempts at rising back to your astronautic whole. Never go. (Verse 6 – Major Red. Early Adulthood.) So, I come out with the judo. Suplexing the kujos. Crush ‘em like a sumo. Till they back on Pluto. Redrawing the uno. Haters make they moves bro. Telling me I’m schizo. Speaking to myself in a quiet room. Well, if I’m sicko who winnows widows with his big schlong, Do you wanna try me dude? (Verse 7 – Saturn O.S 1239. Astral Eternity.) Speak to the lower me. Astrally beyond the ego. You shine the brightest magnitude, on a latitude that impedes glow. Hold hope and believe you’re going to be so… Free. When you finally defeat your inner evil. Eschew the addiction and libido. Become a hero. Unify the Earth’s people. All is one. And what’s two ones, but vertically equal? Equal. Galactical. Galactical. Saturanian. Galactical. (Verse 8 – Keo L Major, 1239, The Author. RIP.) And now it’s time for Keo. Speak tones, from the fountain of the regal. King flow. Fly as the wings on a helium infused eagle. Held up by a trio of anorexic harpies. Resting on a phoenix, Who was nesting on a plane, that is jetting off to space on the nose of a UFO. So, in case you ain’t know, this alien… is quite fly bro. (Bridge) Pseudo. Hype. Calm. Ice. Bomb. Flow. X7
Fox Kids WB 02:27
Chapter 9 ▲ Fox Kids WB. (Verse) Hip-hop grizzly, C-bear with no Jamal. Somebody call Ash, Charizard’s attacking all. Also, tell the Rescue Heroes they gone need a rubric. Victims twisted up like Rubix, they're in mo’ pieces than Cubix! Burn ‘em up with Pepper Breath! You can call me Agumon. Leader, Red Ranger. Ha. Color of my heart on. No life with Louie; challenge we will start son. We don’t wrestle Mucha Lucha, Transformer just spark tons. Straight to Bobby's World, e'ry time I spark one... You’re Earthworm Jim, I'm Captain Falcon. Carmen Sandiego. Skills you can never find. Woody Woodpecker. Hitting you with heavy lines. Head full of Beast Monsters, Mental Monster Rancher. Sonic at the finish Crash Dummies all running backwards! Fighting Foodons, lunching after. Ripping Friends, hunger faster. Lyrical ghost, sick jokes, I’m the Punching Casper! Shine like Static Shock connected to live Zeta. Ke’s a Megaman. He's made of rhyme Data. Mic's my Shen gong woo, want a showdown? Start a challenge then! I got skills like Jackie Chan with all 12 talisman... Big and Bad, give you Goosebumps, I’m the Beetleborg. Beetlejuice mentality, you kids in a fetal morgue... Histeria! Bitch! You challenging a geek with noise. Animaniac, I’m just a Loonatic. A Freakazoid. Going on a ride all inside with Mrs. Frizz. Call Ozzy and Drix, cause this guys sick as shit. (Bridge) Just named 36 from WB and Fox Kids... Yes, you know I got this, Cartoonish and Childish schtick running the farthest.... Yes, you know I got this, Cartoonish and Childish schtick running the farthest....
Chapter 10 ▲ Letters to the Cul-De-Sac (Bridge Intro) I look to the past, to verify my present stance... Don't even see what I'm writing, got my eyes in a trance. Inside of vise mind, I give you guys a glance. 6th grade, GWCA, it was time for the dance… (Verse 1) And Shanny was saying the theme that year was Sadie’s. Explaining it means boys get asked by ladies. And I didn't know who, but I thought someone would come take me. So I'm sitting at my desk waiting... waiting... and I’m still waiting... Now I'm in 8th grade. Nights full of One Piece roleplays, Days full of trading cards and beyblades. I'm not yet that weird quiet geek in high school, But I've always been the strange silent too much to think type dude. And I'm bragging to Edwin I could beat him in a race, and every day I’d try to. With my arms stretched all the way back, thinking if I run really, really fast My home planet I could fly too... Read a book called, “Teach yourself how to fly” But, I never learned to fly dude... I’m still trying to... Then, I'm on PsiPog thinking telekinesis is quite true. Thinking up lies to, Fit in, I never did, but back then I would try to. Look in the mirror, like hi you, who are you? A specter stares back, like, “Not Amidamaru!” Meanwhile... at home on the cul-de-sac... It's 9 AM. I'm still up with my retarded ass. Writing fanfiction, tv show based on the 3 ninjas. Wondering, like damn, how come no ones ever thought of that? Handwritten lyrics, spitting bullshit, “Blow me like bazooka Joe!” It's okay! It was my starting raps. Momma set a curfew on the computer, but this Sony Vaio comes on quite low, seems she never caught on to that. Stressing, 13 feeling depression, curious so I ask questions, but momma's hitting me for talking back. All the kids at school ask why I ain't talking black? What type of talk is that? Just cause my skin is dark, I can't be ostentatious and find joy in knowing that every word I talk is fact? Depression goes suicidal, I live in the hood, I’m sure someone has a rifle. Need to express my inner trifle, calling mommy, she sleep, she ain't calling back... Phone ringing, her friend she calling back... Damn. What type of emotion should I have caught from that? (Verse 2) Ugh. It's a different scene now, somewhere between 10 or 13 now. Summer time, and momma says I need to be out. But I just wanna read now, tell her to leave me now. Didn't even matter cause she's sleep now. Daddy busy working, brother with my granny, so it's basically just me now... Knock at the door. I answer, it's Delano. He's like, “Yo, I wanna hang bro.” Ain't nothing changed though. I still just wanna read, but this rooms depressing me. So I'm outside, eyes glanced in a daydream, walking like zombies! Been 3 days since I've been to sleep... There's just way too much to think. There's bar-b-que sauce laid on the street... D bets that I won't eat... I'm wiping my mouth off with my sleeve, as Labria comes to greet. She introduced me to her cousin, her names DeDe… Now, I know what you may think. That I'm bout to be ‘Nerd King’! Talk about how we freaked, say she made my Booster Gold go skeet. But back then that wasn't me, Kev Mc, I had just begun to be. It was way before I became Z, still pretty much I.M.P. So it was surprising... when we started flirting... And it turned out it was working... She said my intelligence, and witty self-deprication, lead to a strange infatuation, And this was way before Khloe, so the first time I heard such a statement. Now we're at the park, and saliva we're exchanging. Bria tells her how I have a girlfriend. I'm quickly lying, don't wanna be chevy blue like whirlwind. Make up a when, who, why, and where. Know it sounded stupid, but I didn't care, Dede still believed it, and that was all I needed. My tongue touching her tonsils. Physically it's amazing, but mentally I feel awful. A voice inside screams, “It's just pity, push her off you!” There's a demon in me, who said, “IMpro I will always haunt you!” Lost in my insecurities, she left for home, and I never found out where she went off to... Letter to the cul-de-sac... End of Arc 2....
Chapter 11 ▲ Antiquated Jungle Cat (Bridge) Uhh. Uhh. Yeah. Uhh. Yeah. Uhh. Uhh. Yeah. Yeah. Uhh. Yeah. Uhh. Uhh. (Verse) I'm sorry to you dude. But this is what I do. On tracks? I'm really cool. With raps? I just go WHEW! Only get that from a few. And that... that just ain't you... Prewritten. Still, it’s new. And, it's just some simple shit. Steal the beat, hit a lick, on the clit, of ya sister. Was that just a... Sore spot. Onyx, I'm more rock. The whores hot, but you're not. Never enter in, just stop, at the door knob... Yow… Wow… Light switch flick and I'm on now, Ow. It's going down. Like James and his peach. Too sweet; Willy Wonka. Nice truck, silly Tonka. Bobcat. Going bonkers. Speed Racing. Ke be that amazing, lyrical phenomenon. Drop a bomb, on ya lawn. Hanging with an evil crew: Genghis Kahn. Change the song? I put the laser on! Lycanthrope, grazing fawn. Critical, free mason drawn. Level born, from my raining storm. Never waning. Simply gaining form. Ya'll kids still lame and norm. What the fuck you waiting for?! A new fad to change the world? Stop following! Quit swallowing! You hollow men. Conformity masterminds. Laughter finds, I, as you actor guys lay inside the afterlives. While you at it past ya eyes, to the blind, so they can refund. No one wants to see some dumb fools that be thugs, and never even seen guns... Idiot? Don't be one... Geeze son... Believe some. Don't have a life but you need one... Peace; done. Ke’s out. Cause he's won... (Bridge) Uhh. Yeah. Uhh. Yeah. Uhh. Uhh. Yeah. Uhh. Yeah. Uhh. Yeah. Yeah. Uhh. Uhh. Yeah.
Chapter 12 ▲ I’ll Do Me + Young ILL, J. Will & Twan. (Verse 1 – Kevin Midas) Walking in, with the crew. ‘Bout an ounce, been blew through. Pinstripes all up and down the suit. Shining bright as Kizaru. They saying, “That’s the nerds!” We like, “Oh, well, nigga who is you?” All these girls owe me taxes. So, they ass I’m ‘bout to due. At the bar. Till after hours. Sip with a smile. Nigga, happy hour. Swagging aura. Bask in ours. Likes my flavor… I’m Baskin Robbin’s. Hana Hana hands on. Fave song. Dance flo, dance on, Dakota Fanning. Grown and sexy. Working hard and over flexing. Rapping restless. Know no resting. No exception. Weekend chilling. Keo, Tito. Sip mojitos. Yo bitch in speedos. Ke get a freak hoe. Illa get a freak hoe. J get a freak hoe. Roto get a freak hoe. And they like to show off, so we call that shit a freak show. Whoa. (Chorus – J Will) I do me. You do you. You know how we do. Me and my crew. We up in the club. They showing us love. Beautiful girls in here that’s ready to have fun. And you know they choosing us… I do me. I do me. You do you. You do you. I do me. I do me. You do you. You do you. I do me. I do me. You do you. You do you. I do me. I do me. You do you. You do you. I do me…. (Verse 2 – Young ILL) Boss bitch! That Ross shit. I don’t know about unemployed. Sick shit. Still coughing off that weed. Never unenjoyed. Tweet me if you wanna join. HP_ILL. That undersco’ Ya’ll don’t even know about adding up. Fuck you saying you hustle fo’ All my niggas be running for it. Secretariat, I’m running for it. Secretary, bitch. I count it up. Blow it down. Then restore it. I grade ‘em all. Then report it. On the card, if they gorgeous. But, if they ashed out with they ass out? Roto gone record it. Keo got them keys hoe. So, you know we gone get in the do’. Re-up, ya’ll on speed up. We stuck, and we need some mo. Grown folks, them niggas ain’t. Boy you fucking with was a fucking lame. Keenan Ivory Wayans…. Niggas such a shame…. (Chorus repeats) (Verse 3 – Twan) I’m fro’ed up. Frozed up. Stacks so big, can’t fold up. Take that trip, pick ‘beaus up. In the club? Hoes chose us. Cashing bottles. Rosed up. Walk outside? Whip fold up. Laughing with my do’s up. VVS. Ice frozed up. Who is he? I’m a G. Flip two O’s. Make a G. Smoke a L. Pop an E. Straightback Twan, bitch, google me. My cash on alert; no snoozing me. I’m strapped up, no abusing me. My glock cock shoot Miami heat. Gucci flops. Sandy beach! Broke niggas, ya’ll never eat. Hoes boyfriends can’t stand to see, Her phone with pics of grams of me. My swag so fly no landing me. I gain that weight. Lose that weight. No calories, I flip that weight. Stay by that K. Just like J. Hit the set. Cash out today! (Chorus Repeats)
Chapter 13 ▲ Cockpit Freestyle + Grim Chiefer & Thirteen. (Bridge – Kevin Midas) Elm Street had a nightmare. Haha. Elm Street had a nightmare. Haha. And then they turned around and my niggas was all right there! (Chorus – Kevin Midas) Everyday we live our lives in terror. Just can’t stand the ways of this era. Our generation leave us so embarrassed. Don’t wait. Bring the revelation. You should fear us! X2 (Verse 1 – Grim Chiefer) Why can’t I be rich and have a Bugatti? Why can’t I have my way in a Maserati? I’m gone, like a Ferrari. She stuck! That’s Katamari. I’m chopping niggas up! Call ‘em calamari. Yo bitch pussy wet, like Kalahari. You know I’m wild as a fucking safari. Now, what the fuck? You niggas hate. You wanna get at me, without the cash or paper? What the fuck, you niggas on? I am Jack the raper. On these beats, I swear to God, I’m killing everything I see. What the fuck you niggas on? I’m eating everything, I’m a beast. Without a fucking leash! Or, without a fucking cage! What the fuck you niggas want? I will just unleash my rage. I am God. Face my wrath! Everything Gold. Genuine draft. And I don’t really give a fuck, nigga I will kick yo ass! What the fuck? I am Flash. Cause I’m getting to my cash… Hold up! I’m done nigga. Hehah! (Verse 2 – Thirteen.) One. Three. One. One. One. One. (Hi). Three. Three. (Bye bye). Three. Pew! Bitch, I’m gone. Fucking all yo home, nigga. Fucking all yo world, nigga. Fuck what you gotta say, nigga. I will snatch yo girl… Bitch. Like last week, that’s last week. Nigga, I’m on this last weed. You on that fucking old weed. Nigga, I’m on this new weed. I been there, like yesterday. Fucking hate. Nigga, gone head. I will slice of yo head! That’s guillotine nigga! Fuck all yo team! My team members are great. Nigga, they all will skate. Like ice; no dice. We blowing all this money. We smoking all this rice. I mean smoking all them papers, so fuck all you haters! I’m bud up, like light. Nigga, fuck all yo hype. I’m taller than yo rulers! So, fuck all yo schoolers! I meant to say yo (Jisedai). Fuck it, this a blooper. Nigga, I’m so funny. Making all this money! (Verse 3 – Kevin Midas.) Nerd King. Elizing. Spitting that Jumanji. City full of sharks? Ke be jumping ‘em. Like Fonzie. ‘Oz born on Saturn. Not down to earth. No Ozzy. Bringing eschatology, and never saying sorry. Our differencing no mystery. I’m Sherlock; niggas Hardy. Off road, Big Red. Root legs from all these Arties. Never had much glee. Raised roasting beef, like Arby’s. Sweet intelligence. Yo bitch swallow my smarties. Ahh. Jack the Creator. Rip apart what I created. Flip yo Penny. Lester bang it. Now, she proud she almost famous. Smelter on her faces; with my copper. Horn her ass like brass. She scream, “Razmatazz!” Blast from my rocket. Till her mouth end. No kidding, man she mad. Girl yell, “Ke Urquelle!” “Oops, did I do that?” Sorry, lady. It feels crazy. Lips vibrating on my Digeridoo Yak, Uza. Ooh bruh. Ramen dropping, lost my noodle. Vomit out my whole medulla. Cool producer, Of the Ultrasonic. Wally Rhyming. Flash faster than highest ramming of computers. And a nigga staying stoned! Staring contest with Medusa. Wit so sharp, fuck around, give a needle a tattoo bruh. Galactic Mafiaaaaaaa! Bitch, we not stars. Cause we fucking star shooters.
Chapter 14 ▲ Cold Turkeys + Sky High, Redeye Hippie, & Grim Chiefer (Verse 1 – Kevin Midas) I am drugs. Drugs I am. Sunny songs. Tuscan jams. Hustle strong; rugged grams. Pockets thick, stuffed with jam. Bad potato; troubled yam. Angry Beavers. Double dam. Heart tied down, it’s so Siam. Girl, I want you like Uncle Sam. Islamaphobe. Gotta go so ham! Martin mode: Get to steppin’ Pam. Hologram. El just bailed! All we see is empty Mass. Ennegram; Nine in class. Fantasize like soon Kyuu. Girls Generation, Baby Boom. New World ambition; Luffy’s crew. Edenic flow, Eve’s bayou. Ill poems, achoo haiku. Eschew taboo. IQ Guru. Move you, voodoo. Shampoo Manchuu. Spew true Kung Fu. Enemies skidoo. One flew over, so cuckoo. Stoned imagination. It’s the flightless prince, like Ewe Cailou. (Bridge – Kevin Midas.) Lung pumping tundra. Alaskan miasma. (Weed) Bulma made supper? Husky capsules. (Pills) Sipping on spirits. Mana vampers. (Liquor) Gasoline skillets. Eye on, plasma. (Heroin) Need drugs for this bonanza. Bring ‘em all, it doesn’t matter. Got courage in the standards. All I fear is birds with Santa. Aum. I’m afraid of Cold Turkeys. I’m afraid of Cold Turkeys. (Verse 2 – Sky High) Flip that work like reciprocals. Smoke that weed like it’s bar-be-que. Adderall inside of lean mixed with red bull. Make you think you had wings, smoking bird food. Uh uh. Get it together. (Come on now). Don’t be afraid of the high. Cause it’s only getting better. Girl, you ain’t gotta lie. You know you like this feeling. Ya mind telling you to stop. But, ya body so willing. God, damn it! I need my fix. Who got it? Who has it? Addicted to that green. That’s my cannabis and cash bitch. Mary you my baby, and you smoking like a dragon. Living in the streets turn a good nigga bad quick. Living in the present. Future zooming right past you. Fucking with these drugs, till a high nigga fly the coop. Bad day, good dank. Bad bitch, coming through. Bad day, good dank. Bad bitch, coming through. (Verse 3 – Redeye Hippie) Oh, yeah. It’s Redeye Hippie. Pack of swishers with me. Break it down. Blow the dust. Yeah, nigga. In Kush I trust. Zannie got me wobbling. It’s getting hard to stand up. And don’t answer his call girl. That’ll mess my plans up. Took her to Erotica. Guess, I had that e-pill. Yeah, baby everything was nice. But, naw, naw you can’t stay the night. And since that pussy talk smack, always expect a call-back. Music is my main lady. Sex my favorite drug baby. (Verse 4 – Grim Chiefer) Bitch, I’m screaming I’m back. Rolling up a blunt, with a lighter on my lap. This rap shit… it’s just my craft. Fly around me? Nigga, get zapped. Boy, get punked. Like Daft. Beam on the gun. Get laser tagged. I’m on the plane. Nigga, no drag. Dick in her throat. Nigga, no gag. I take her down like a notepad. I take you down like a toe tag. Too many guns, I’ma need mo’ mags. Too many goons, I’ma need mo’ masks.
Chapter 15 ▲ Soon, I Will Be Invincible (Verse 1) I watch from a looker’s eyes. Been that way since I took a rise. I stare from out of orbit. Your culture ain’t absorbent. There’s no way to ignore it. Those around me? Don’t think like I do. Don’t see like I do. I see, like blind do. Can’t reveal, the meaning of their spiel. Wishing I could steal, the life of a fantasy. Movie, comic, TV. It’s all better than reality. Genius! Always said to be insanity. Boxed minds! Locked in by vanity. I state my point. It’s clear in view. But, logic doesn’t, adhere to you. In fact, nowadays, I promised it’s adhered by few. So, I stand in fear. I stand in fear, I do. I think… where is this world headed too? Actually, on second thought, I don’t care. Mind blank. Stare at air. I’m not there. It’s not fair. Knew I was different since day one… Still saying, Saturns where I came from… (Chorus) Soon, I will be invincible. Soon, I will be invincible. One day I’ll be invincible. Soon, I’ll be invincible. All the bullies used to hit me so. Pick on me. Tryna get me low. But, I never let them get me though. Cause I know, one day I’ll be invincible! Soon, I’ll be invincible. Soon, I will be invincible. They used to say I was Grossman. Now I’m grossing… More than they are knowing. Yes, you see me going! Soon, I’ll be invincible. One day I’ll be invincible. Soon, I will be invincible. Call me Mark Grayson, cause I’m gonna be invincible. Soon, I will be invincible. Soon, I will be invincible. Soon, I will be invincible. One day, I’ll be invincible. (Bridge) Cause all the bullies pick on me. Try to get me low. They aiming all they jokes and they wanna hit me so. The ladies I ask yes, but they steady tell me no.. I really, really wonder what day I’m going to grow. But, still…. I WATCH FROM A LOOKER’S EYES. (Verse 2) Ugh, fuck. I just wanna be, a little invincible. And if you didn’t know, then right now Griff feels invisible. Still, I roll with legends like a gryphon toe. And even though, I think that my mind is indispensable. I sometimes feel like my thoughts are so despicable. And sometimes I’m pessimistic and overly cynical. And though I wish I was idealistic and optimistic, I feel a little twisted, in the mind, all the time… And I kind of lose my mind, when I kind of say a rhyme. Or, kind of all the time. When I talk about nothing. Or, talk about something. That I find to be so relevant. Your lifestyle is irrelevant. I’m an ant, you’re an elephant. You didn’t get it. But, that means even though I’m smaller… I’m a bit more diligent, in understanding, all the things that you didn’t get. And you’ll never get this. And you’ll never understand it. And that’s cause I’m from a different planet. And that’s cause I’m from mother fucking Saturn… And I… Oooohhh… I… Ooohhh… I…. *cries* (Keo, please don’t cry.) I’ll be invincible. (Chorus) Soon, you’ll be invincible. Soon, I’ll be invincible. Soon, you’ll be invincible. One day, Keo, you’ll so invincible.
Chapter 16 ▲ Little Bit Quicker (Chorus) Empty box of cigarettes. Broken bottles of liquor. I know I’m just a wreck. Wanna die a little bit quicker. X2 (Verse) I’ve been dranking. I’ve been smoking. I’ve been fainted off these omens, have you noticed? Ain’t been pacing. Never slowing. Busy thanking on what Socrates has spoken… He said, “Death is the greatest gift that’s ever known to man.” I stepped back from that ledge, and I still don’t understand. Wish I had the courage to face Griff and be a jumper. But, my outward bravado the necklace of Mr. Pumper. She tells me that she loves me, only inside of the covers. I don’t even fuck her. We sit there and just cuddle. Said I don’t have no rubbers. Told me, “Go wild and go raw.” My heart met Mrs. Frost. Now, it will never thaw. Stumbling and stuttering. Cyrusing wrecking ball. Told her drugs are number one. With my tongue held out and all. Now, whenever I turn up, fuck around and break the knob. Sloppy drunk off whiskey neat; anal retentive slob. Maybe I should stop? Learn not to drown my sorrows? But, the only day I’ll ever pause the day I die tomorrow. (Chorus Repeats)
Chapter 17 ▲ Lost Inside (Death of Keo L. Major) (Chorus) Lost inside the music. Lost inside the sounds. Lost inside the music. I cannot be found. Lost inside the music. Ask where I have gone. Lost inside the music. Found inside a song. (Are you ready?) (Verse) Peeps peeping on the peak king peeving, All these young muggles, with the magic in his meaning. Nerd bundled up in much struggle and scheming. Leading to such trouble whenever I am thinking. Got one shot, so I doubled up in dreaming. Leaking. Eight arm reaching. Squeamish. Inking. K. Major….. A minor in Genius….. Einstein. Sound bites mo’ eating than Carnegies. Pardon me. Couldn’t hear the harkening. Couldn’t see the darkening. Lost inside the music. Music is a part of me. Lost all deep inside of me. Nothing but the tones all in sight of me. (Outro Note) NOW PRESENTING: The Death of Keo Major. OMEGA! *It was just an Experiment.* I thought this would be easy to write. I imagined that dying would make me have something poignant to say. I felt like… deep emotions would pour forth from my pen, like an inky, eternal catharsis, spilling over into a 25 page suicide letter. That isn’t happening. Instead, I find myself wondering, does anyone ever feel ready to die? Like, really ready? No regrets, no worries, no wonders, no fears. I mean, I’m not ready to die. It’s scary. But, I have to die. There’s a bit of pride beneath the fear. But, I have to sacrifice myself. It’s necessary. *Twelve seconds to the apocalypse.* They’re calling for me. I’m shaking. I wonder, if she was here, would I cry onto her shoulders? Hah. She doesn’t exist. She isn’t real. She’s the ineffable soulmate that exists so real, she’s everybody. But, she’s no one. I feel like I should explicate. Drone on in whiny laconic croons of my youthful dismay and everything that’s ever gone wrong. But I find myself realizing, at the end, none of it matters. You just find yourself embracing that last blissful infinite millisecond of being you. I. It’s so great. It’s so terrible. The clock strikes Infinite 12 backwards. Setinifni. R.I.P Keo Major. 2003 till 2015. Rest In Power, you Golden God. Hahaha. Midas! Welcome to Th▲ V☼id R∞m. AUM!


​Yo, aliens! I am Kevin Midas, the Saturanian Mad Dreamer. This is my first ever completed project, and as such, it means a lot to me. I can only hope that this music, a piece of my soul, appeases a piece of yours. I now present a mixtape, a painting, a novel tale of my strange life as the alien in the room. A Post-Modern Musical. Drafted in Limbo: The Death of Keo Major.

Stay Golden. Eternally Infinite.
By the Grace of the Gods.
Welcome to the Pantheon.
▲∞ Kevin Midas ∞▲


released February 1, 2016

Written by: Keo Major
Mastered by: Kevin Midas
Produced by: A Bunch of People. I forget names. Hit me up!


all rights reserved



Kevin Midas Detroit, Michigan

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