Antiquated Jungle Cat

from by Kevin Midas

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Symbolism. There's always a meaning, you know? Keo sought after the truth behind door number 17.


Chapter 11 ▲ Antiquated Jungle Cat
Uhh. Uhh. Yeah. Uhh. Yeah. Uhh. Uhh. Yeah. Yeah. Uhh. Yeah. Uhh. Uhh.
I'm sorry to you dude. But this is what I do.
On tracks? I'm really cool. With raps? I just go WHEW!
Only get that from a few. And that... that just ain't you...
Prewritten. Still, it’s new. And, it's just some simple shit.
Steal the beat, hit a lick, on the clit, of ya sister.
Was that just a... Sore spot. Onyx, I'm more rock.
The whores hot, but you're not.
Never enter in, just stop, at the door knob...
Yow… Wow… Light switch flick and I'm on now,
Ow. It's going down. Like James and his peach.
Too sweet; Willy Wonka. Nice truck, silly Tonka.
Bobcat. Going bonkers. Speed Racing.
Ke be that amazing, lyrical phenomenon.
Drop a bomb, on ya lawn. Hanging with an evil crew: Genghis Kahn.
Change the song? I put the laser on! Lycanthrope, grazing fawn.
Critical, free mason drawn. Level born, from my raining storm.
Never waning. Simply gaining form. Ya'll kids still lame and norm.
What the fuck you waiting for?! A new fad to change the world?
Stop following! Quit swallowing! You hollow men. Conformity masterminds.
Laughter finds, I, as you actor guys lay inside the afterlives.
While you at it past ya eyes, to the blind, so they can refund.
No one wants to see some dumb fools that be thugs, and never even seen guns...
Idiot? Don't be one... Geeze son... Believe some. Don't have a life but you need one...
Peace; done. Ke’s out. Cause he's won...

Uhh. Yeah. Uhh. Yeah. Uhh. Uhh. Yeah. Uhh. Yeah. Uhh. Yeah. Yeah. Uhh. Uhh. Yeah.


from Drafted In Limbo, released February 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Kevin Midas Detroit, Michigan

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