Cockpit Freestyle + Grim Chiefer & Thirteen

from by Kevin Midas

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Relaxation. Gotta know how to just have fun too. Keo went for a ride on the UFOs and spit some quick truth with his dudes from the heavens.


Chapter 13 ▲ Cockpit Freestyle + Grim Chiefer & Thirteen.
(Bridge – Kevin Midas)
Elm Street had a nightmare. Haha. Elm Street had a nightmare. Haha.
And then they turned around and my niggas was all right there!

(Chorus – Kevin Midas)
Everyday we live our lives in terror.
Just can’t stand the ways of this era.
Our generation leave us so embarrassed.
Don’t wait. Bring the revelation. You should fear us! X2

(Verse 1 – Grim Chiefer)
Why can’t I be rich and have a Bugatti?
Why can’t I have my way in a Maserati?
I’m gone, like a Ferrari. She stuck! That’s Katamari.
I’m chopping niggas up! Call ‘em calamari.
Yo bitch pussy wet, like Kalahari.
You know I’m wild as a fucking safari.
Now, what the fuck? You niggas hate.
You wanna get at me, without the cash or paper?
What the fuck, you niggas on? I am Jack the raper.
On these beats, I swear to God, I’m killing everything I see.
What the fuck you niggas on? I’m eating everything, I’m a beast.
Without a fucking leash! Or, without a fucking cage!
What the fuck you niggas want? I will just unleash my rage.
I am God. Face my wrath! Everything Gold. Genuine draft.
And I don’t really give a fuck, nigga I will kick yo ass!
What the fuck? I am Flash. Cause I’m getting to my cash…
Hold up! I’m done nigga. Hehah!

(Verse 2 – Thirteen.)
One. Three.
One. One. One. One. (Hi).
Three. Three. (Bye bye). Three.
Pew! Bitch, I’m gone.
Fucking all yo home, nigga. Fucking all yo world, nigga.
Fuck what you gotta say, nigga. I will snatch yo girl…
Bitch. Like last week, that’s last week. Nigga, I’m on this last weed.
You on that fucking old weed. Nigga, I’m on this new weed.
I been there, like yesterday. Fucking hate. Nigga, gone head.
I will slice of yo head! That’s guillotine nigga!
Fuck all yo team! My team members are great.
Nigga, they all will skate. Like ice; no dice.
We blowing all this money. We smoking all this rice.
I mean smoking all them papers, so fuck all you haters!
I’m bud up, like light. Nigga, fuck all yo hype.
I’m taller than yo rulers! So, fuck all yo schoolers!
I meant to say yo (Jisedai). Fuck it, this a blooper.
Nigga, I’m so funny. Making all this money!

(Verse 3 – Kevin Midas.)
Nerd King. Elizing. Spitting that Jumanji.
City full of sharks? Ke be jumping ‘em. Like Fonzie.
‘Oz born on Saturn. Not down to earth. No Ozzy.
Bringing eschatology, and never saying sorry.
Our differencing no mystery. I’m Sherlock; niggas Hardy.
Off road, Big Red. Root legs from all these Arties.
Never had much glee. Raised roasting beef, like Arby’s.
Sweet intelligence. Yo bitch swallow my smarties.
Ahh. Jack the Creator. Rip apart what I created.
Flip yo Penny. Lester bang it. Now, she proud she almost famous.
Smelter on her faces; with my copper. Horn her ass like brass.
She scream, “Razmatazz!” Blast from my rocket.
Till her mouth end. No kidding, man she mad.
Girl yell, “Ke Urquelle!” “Oops, did I do that?”
Sorry, lady. It feels crazy. Lips vibrating on my Digeridoo Yak,
Uza. Ooh bruh. Ramen dropping, lost my noodle.
Vomit out my whole medulla. Cool producer,
Of the Ultrasonic. Wally Rhyming.
Flash faster than highest ramming of computers.
And a nigga staying stoned! Staring contest with Medusa.
Wit so sharp, fuck around, give a needle a tattoo bruh.
Galactic Mafiaaaaaaa! Bitch, we not stars. Cause we fucking star shooters.


from Drafted In Limbo, released February 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Kevin Midas Detroit, Michigan

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