Daffy, Daffy, Frozen Eggs

from by Kevin Midas

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Character. Be memorable. Know who you are. Keo? He had crazy cold despicable manners.


Chapter 4 ▲ Daffy, Daffy Frozen Eggs.
Say he never swagging. Pants ain’t even sagging.
Hoes he’s never bagging. Why’s he always bragging?
Yo! I’m K. Mage. I like wine, weed and babes.
Music got that bang. Shit is never lacking.
Swear, I’m so insane. Oh, I be so Daffy.
Oh, I be so Daffy. Oh, I be so Daffy.

Duck. So, what?
You're all just despicable and I don't give no fucks.
Shooting at you bugs, like jump. Elmer with a pump.
Sorry, little buddy. D Rabbits, B Jacking little bunny.
Turn wrong in Albuquerque? Shit will not be funny.
E’rrybody knows Ke get hoes Lola running.
Making space jam. Got that stuff. And I'm punny.
Ball in 3 ways: Bat, rim, punting.
MpD, Alert the Best, call it a Psycho-Sign.
Don't fuck with beef; no sexing with bovines.
Niggas carry porkchops, like they doug funny.
Normies, remind me of my money... Cash is getting dummy!
Caraway the honeys, great Gatsby when I'm stunting...
… I'm the motherfucking Author. Blow me like the product.
Or, go kicks rocks in some fresh expensive pradas.
Sorry Mrs. Officer.
Every bash is a mash, when you hanging with some Monstars.
See us with the crown, now they wanna pull it off us.
You really want the green? Well, I'm angry. Peel it off bruh.
Skill is like a black guy winning at the Oscars.
Meaning, I don’t see it. And, no, I don't read it. So you know.... I don't believe it... Like…
Do you really see a sparkling vampire speeding past a bland chick while she fucking bleeding?
Cold hearted. Yes, he cold speaking,
Cold words. Guess he cold thinking...
Mind past Wayne's world; No ceilings.
Raven Symones with no clothes. That's sooo Eden.
Cool kid. Froze semen. Rewind, catch a cold meaning.
So sick, been got to know sneezing. No ice, (C)Seachain, code linking.
Life’s a blockbuster, no seating. I'm Cee-loo, 20 below freezing.
Ride around like fuck you in snow season.
1 door Ford and it gots no heating. No hat, so I’m frosty for no reason....
For the simple minded, what a nigga really mean is…
I'm like listening, to Lupe's second CD, while Sid is slowly drinking a slurpee, brain-freezing.
Robert van Winkle mingles outside with Kris Kringle. As Toushiro goes bankai.
Snow card debuts on Bandai. Mikey rocks rides by. Bobby drake slides by.
Just as that miser guy comes in speaking.
And everybody’s thinking that he sounds like Mike McKean.
In other words… I'm cooler, like the evening.
I'm mo’ cold(cole) than Keyshia and Jermaine at a whole family greeting....
(Chorus Repeats)


from Drafted In Limbo, released February 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Kevin Midas Detroit, Michigan

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