Deli Spot + Tre Black

from by Kevin Midas

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Prewriting. Gather the actions. Keo was hanging with his boy then, sharing ideas and stories. They smoked and got the munchies. Dreaming of ascending.


Chapter 3 ▲ Deli Spot + Tre Black
(Tre Black intro)
(Verse 1 – Tre Black)
Headed to the deli for corned beef with bacon bits.
Not ‘spose to eat pig. But, I love the taste of it.
Cruising with my music loud. Got these haters pissed.
Cause I’m the guy that all they girls dream of dating with.
Slow down the whip, when I roll down the street.
Bass pound in my truck. While I’m pounding yo freak.
I hit her in the car. She not getting no sheets.
I say run that song back; she give head on repeat.
I, smoke while I’m driving. Feel close where the sky is.
Blowing this chronic. I’m floating like pilots.
Spitting hot shit like I’m flowing with pilots.
Don’t ask the time. Cause I’ll tell you, “It’s mine, bitch!”
We getting higher than average.
My mind gone, and I can’t find it like Bin Laden.
Breaking the rellos down, we tryna blow some mo.
Call the weed man. Tell him meet me by the corner sto.

(Chorus – Tre Black)
Headed to the deli spot.
I need to put something in my belly spot.
Just pass me the ash tray.
Just pass me the ash tray.
Headed to the corner sto.
Probably ‘bout to blow some mo.
So, just pass me the ash tray.
Just pass me the ash tray.

(Verse 2 – Kevin Midas)
Heading to the liquor store. High as fuck, but getting more.
Twisting. Till I’m sitting up in Mordur.
Man, I love my wife. But, I still like fucking more whores.
Cussing like a sailor. Get paper like a bailer.
Hot as down under, and I’m not talking Australia.
Smelling like Jamaica. Swagger innovator.
Somebody call up PETA. A pussies getting beat up.
Smashing up her Katniss. Poison berries paint her Peeta…
And… I’m hung just like the laundry.
With a game that make them hungry.
Dope King. Blow green fatigue with my army.
Nerd King. Fly as Harvey. Modern day Garvey.
Bass wild, moshing. Outcasts all marching.
Living Hailey’s comet, turn a booth into a crater.
Wiz with a needle. But, I’m never claiming Taylor.
Made songs in a room that will butcher up the Deli Spot.
Volcanic, when I’m cumming. Got the beast with her belly hot.

(Chorus Repeats)
Hit it. X32 (Tre Black)
Smoke it. Toke it. Roll it. Blow it. X4 (Kevin Midas)
Get lifted. X16 (Tre Black + Aesiir Baines)
We lifted. X6 (Kevin Midas)
Smoke it. Toke it. Roll it. Blow it. X4 (Kevin Midas)
(Chorus Repeats)
(Tre Black + Kevin Midas Outro)


from Drafted In Limbo, released February 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Kevin Midas Detroit, Michigan

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