Don't Understand

from by Kevin Midas

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Theme. Make it mean something. This is what Keo felt needed to be expressed.


Chapter 6 ▲ Don’t Understand
(Verse 1)
They are at the top. Foundations we will crush.
Bring ‘em down to earth. Up the mountains we gone rush.
When we reach the top? Yell down. Like, “What's up?”
It's all those little kids who ate alone at lunch.
We won't be spiteful. We once had the titles.
Tell ‘em don’t worry... We are nothing like you,
We'll raise you up high too. Bring you to our eye view.
Exciteful. Now, the oddballs are the idols!

Ahhh! They don't understand it.
But there's nothing wrong. See, your mind isn't damaged.
You're just so unique. Hate is something that'll happen...
Just be you. Watch the ignorance start cracking... x2

(Verse 2)
Surrounded by dinosaurs, a land before my time.
Try to speak deep but all they peep is a mime,
Feed a thirst for knowledge but all they want is wine.
Give the painful truth and they say it’s all fine.
Preaching on the love but all they want is fun.
Ain't nothing wrong with doing what you want,
But don't hate on us cause we doing what we does.
Feeling like a small fly trying to make a buzz.
So the world can hear my words. So they can know of us.
Got a few speakers there can never be enough.
Hang ten on the billboards; let our message surf.
We are what's real, so we don't own the turf.
They push us all around cause the brain is where we're tough.
Can we lose every brace, every lock, every crutch?
Say, it’s time to stand up. Cause enough is enough.
Say, “It’s time to stand up! Man! Enough is Enough!”

(Chorus Repeats)
(Verse 3)
Running for the office, I would love for your votes.
But not in the ballot box. In boxes we don't go.
My platform isn't high. It’s low and it's free.
I support the different, the weird, and the geeks.
The nerds, the freaks, and the queers.
Everything they fear is the only thing they hear,
Bring it to their porches. Bring in all the locksmiths.
Inside all the houses, Rick Jamesing their couches.
No matter what you're party, it's going to be a party.
Martyr if they stop me. Their justice just cannot roll with our league.
They understand us hardly. Say our britches are too smarty.
We dress a bit too artsy. We're just independent spirits!
Shyness was the image. But we're here to let you hear it!
Lock us in a cage, gavel better have a spear tip!
Name is Keo, and this flow was approved for whoever cares to listen...
Do you dare to listen?
(Chorus Repeats)


from Drafted In Limbo, released February 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Kevin Midas Detroit, Michigan

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