Fox Kids WB

from by Kevin Midas

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References. The stories told to us as a child become us as Gods. These were the myths Keo was raised on.


Chapter 9 ▲ Fox Kids WB.
Hip-hop grizzly, C-bear with no Jamal.
Somebody call Ash, Charizard’s attacking all.
Also, tell the Rescue Heroes they gone need a rubric.
Victims twisted up like Rubix, they're in mo’ pieces than Cubix!
Burn ‘em up with Pepper Breath! You can call me Agumon.
Leader, Red Ranger. Ha. Color of my heart on.
No life with Louie; challenge we will start son.
We don’t wrestle Mucha Lucha, Transformer just spark tons.
Straight to Bobby's World, e'ry time I spark one...
You’re Earthworm Jim, I'm Captain Falcon.
Carmen Sandiego. Skills you can never find.
Woody Woodpecker. Hitting you with heavy lines.
Head full of Beast Monsters, Mental Monster Rancher.
Sonic at the finish Crash Dummies all running backwards!
Fighting Foodons, lunching after. Ripping Friends, hunger faster.
Lyrical ghost, sick jokes, I’m the Punching Casper!
Shine like Static Shock connected to live Zeta.
Ke’s a Megaman. He's made of rhyme Data.
Mic's my Shen gong woo, want a showdown? Start a challenge then!
I got skills like Jackie Chan with all 12 talisman...
Big and Bad, give you Goosebumps, I’m the Beetleborg.
Beetlejuice mentality, you kids in a fetal morgue...
Histeria! Bitch! You challenging a geek with noise.
Animaniac, I’m just a Loonatic. A Freakazoid.
Going on a ride all inside with Mrs. Frizz.
Call Ozzy and Drix, cause this guys sick as shit.

Just named 36 from WB and Fox Kids...
Yes, you know I got this, Cartoonish and Childish schtick running the farthest....
Yes, you know I got this, Cartoonish and Childish schtick running the farthest....


from Drafted In Limbo, released February 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Kevin Midas Detroit, Michigan

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