I'll Do Me + Young ILL, J Will & Twon

from by Kevin Midas

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Support. Make sure you got those disciples with you. Pantheon shit. Keo brought his team.


Chapter 12 ▲ I’ll Do Me + Young ILL, J. Will & Twan.
(Verse 1 – Kevin Midas)
Walking in, with the crew. ‘Bout an ounce, been blew through.
Pinstripes all up and down the suit. Shining bright as Kizaru.
They saying, “That’s the nerds!” We like, “Oh, well, nigga who is you?”
All these girls owe me taxes. So, they ass I’m ‘bout to due.
At the bar. Till after hours. Sip with a smile. Nigga, happy hour.
Swagging aura. Bask in ours. Likes my flavor… I’m Baskin Robbin’s.
Hana Hana hands on. Fave song. Dance flo, dance on,
Dakota Fanning. Grown and sexy. Working hard and over flexing.
Rapping restless. Know no resting. No exception.
Weekend chilling. Keo, Tito. Sip mojitos. Yo bitch in speedos.
Ke get a freak hoe. Illa get a freak hoe. J get a freak hoe. Roto get a freak hoe.
And they like to show off, so we call that shit a freak show. Whoa.

(Chorus – J Will)
I do me. You do you. You know how we do.
Me and my crew. We up in the club. They showing us love.
Beautiful girls in here that’s ready to have fun.
And you know they choosing us…
I do me. I do me. You do you. You do you.
I do me. I do me. You do you. You do you.
I do me. I do me. You do you. You do you.
I do me. I do me. You do you. You do you.
I do me….

(Verse 2 – Young ILL)
Boss bitch! That Ross shit. I don’t know about unemployed.
Sick shit. Still coughing off that weed. Never unenjoyed.
Tweet me if you wanna join. HP_ILL. That undersco’
Ya’ll don’t even know about adding up. Fuck you saying you hustle fo’
All my niggas be running for it. Secretariat, I’m running for it.
Secretary, bitch. I count it up. Blow it down. Then restore it.
I grade ‘em all. Then report it. On the card, if they gorgeous.
But, if they ashed out with they ass out? Roto gone record it.
Keo got them keys hoe. So, you know we gone get in the do’.
Re-up, ya’ll on speed up. We stuck, and we need some mo.
Grown folks, them niggas ain’t. Boy you fucking with was a fucking lame.
Keenan Ivory Wayans…. Niggas such a shame….

(Chorus repeats)
(Verse 3 – Twan)
I’m fro’ed up. Frozed up. Stacks so big, can’t fold up.
Take that trip, pick ‘beaus up. In the club? Hoes chose us.
Cashing bottles. Rosed up. Walk outside? Whip fold up.
Laughing with my do’s up. VVS. Ice frozed up.
Who is he? I’m a G. Flip two O’s. Make a G.
Smoke a L. Pop an E. Straightback Twan, bitch, google me.
My cash on alert; no snoozing me. I’m strapped up, no abusing me.
My glock cock shoot Miami heat. Gucci flops. Sandy beach!
Broke niggas, ya’ll never eat. Hoes boyfriends can’t stand to see,
Her phone with pics of grams of me. My swag so fly no landing me.
I gain that weight. Lose that weight. No calories, I flip that weight.
Stay by that K. Just like J. Hit the set. Cash out today!
(Chorus Repeats)


from Drafted In Limbo, released February 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Kevin Midas Detroit, Michigan

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