Limbo Intro + George Carlin

from by Kevin Midas

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On May 19th, 2015 Keo Major ascended and became a myth. Here's how.

Prologue. Brainstom and let the insanity flow. Misanthropic wins.


Chapter 1 ▲ Limbo Intro + George Carlin
(George Carlin Opening)
Verse 1:
Neural bad weather, Ke’s a pretty twisted fella.
Orals steady pouring. Cheers! Drink from the umbrella.
Ivan Ooze deluge. Store the morals in a cellar.
Ever met a dork that’s better? Let’s go ask Consuela.
They asking me to listen, I just mimic Helen Keller.
Comment when it finish? Blank appearance like I’m Bella.
Run the game twice, like Sylvester at Coachella.
Never writing rhymes. I’m just knitting over novellas.
Inside her McGonagall. Eating like I’m Hannibal.
Game changer; calling audibles. Winded boxer; ya outta blows.
Quick food for thought. Ya love it. McDonalds flow.
Grab the glock get bussing! Boxes busting up out of those!
Ke slim as a model clothes. Kilik with counters though.
Numbers don’t lie. Zeros all I be counting on.
Tried to be normal. But, fuck it.
I’m a quack ass King… Out here MOLLY WHOPPING DUCKS BITCH!
Sold my soul to drugs, all these bags saying I owe ‘em.
High influenced shadow. Big thoughts, and I can’t show em.
Buddha of the bud, smoking till I find Nirvana.
Anima is animaling. So, the villain is my momma.

BrainStorm! Hurricane the mental.
Sacred sexies. Tomb raid they temple.
Psychedelic prophet. Bushels get my bristled.
Purgatory pencil. Drafting in Limbo.

(Verse 2)
Swag outcast with a pen full of passion.
Each new hit sound like old nasty class-ics.
Downing uppers for the comfort. Middling, I’m cappin’.
Praising God for Satan. So, in Limbo I be drafting.
Verses such a beauty, talent should be winning pageantry.
To rap he is what Gabby is to balance beams.
Only foe I see is dragon wings. Enemies a fantasy.
Evette called me mumbles. Monotonous tonalities.
Voice sound like yo history teacher.
I AM THE WORD. Golden Preacher.
Excavated bones, can’t guess his creature.
Ubermensch mindset. On my Nietzsche.
Writing no minutiae. Unknown I choose ya.
God bless, achoo ya. Don’t stress no mula.
Money come, money go. Ninety-nine never profit.
Life’s a box of chocolates…. I really don’t like chocolate.
Set by the lords of the chords when I’m bored.
Gourd full of swords, I’m abhorred by ya mores.
Of course I’m the force turning Fords into zords.
Trip with the Imp. Nyx abyss get explored.

(Chorus Repeats)

(Verse 3)
Hazy, lazy, nerd that’s blazing.
With a bad chick named Daisy Maisy.
Maybe crazy. Say he love her not.
Hope he fucking rots. Heartless zombie.
Chronic gulping. Sex like Ghandi.
Honest, I’ll be all this always.
Same lame kid from those crowded hallways…
All alone with just a tone.
Just a blunt; this isn’t home.
Saturn kid that’s trapped on dirt.
Ouch! Man, fuck. This planet hurts.
Oh, right, should be talking blunts.
Made up hoes that’s blowing O’s.
O’s on O’s. Uh Oh. Think she overdosed.
Soma coma. On the sofa Sophie’s looking comatose.
Upsi daisy, upsi dose, I sold her another dose.
UFO’s on the low, peering from the blackness.
Saturanian giving madness to the masses.
(George Carlin Outro)


from Drafted In Limbo, released February 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Kevin Midas Detroit, Michigan

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