Little Bit Quicker

from by Kevin Midas

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Understanding. It's like Nirvana when you finally get it. Then, you wonder, is this all to die? Keo knew what death really was though.


Chapter 16 ▲ Little Bit Quicker
Empty box of cigarettes. Broken bottles of liquor.
I know I’m just a wreck. Wanna die a little bit quicker. X2

I’ve been dranking. I’ve been smoking.
I’ve been fainted off these omens, have you noticed?
Ain’t been pacing. Never slowing.
Busy thanking on what Socrates has spoken…
He said, “Death is the greatest gift that’s ever known to man.”
I stepped back from that ledge, and I still don’t understand.
Wish I had the courage to face Griff and be a jumper.
But, my outward bravado the necklace of Mr. Pumper.
She tells me that she loves me, only inside of the covers.
I don’t even fuck her. We sit there and just cuddle.
Said I don’t have no rubbers. Told me, “Go wild and go raw.”
My heart met Mrs. Frost. Now, it will never thaw.
Stumbling and stuttering. Cyrusing wrecking ball.
Told her drugs are number one. With my tongue held out and all.
Now, whenever I turn up, fuck around and break the knob.
Sloppy drunk off whiskey neat; anal retentive slob.
Maybe I should stop? Learn not to drown my sorrows?
But, the only day I’ll ever pause the day I die tomorrow.
(Chorus Repeats)


from Drafted In Limbo, released February 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Kevin Midas Detroit, Michigan

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