Lost Inside (Death of Keo L. Major)

from by Kevin Midas

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Finale. Keo found door number 17. There was a song playing on the other side. He went in. The End?


Chapter 17 ▲ Lost Inside (Death of Keo L. Major)
Lost inside the music. Lost inside the sounds.
Lost inside the music. I cannot be found.
Lost inside the music. Ask where I have gone.
Lost inside the music. Found inside a song.
(Are you ready?)

Peeps peeping on the peak king peeving,
All these young muggles, with the magic in his meaning.
Nerd bundled up in much struggle and scheming.
Leading to such trouble whenever I am thinking.
Got one shot, so I doubled up in dreaming.
Leaking. Eight arm reaching. Squeamish. Inking.
K. Major….. A minor in Genius…..
Einstein. Sound bites mo’ eating than Carnegies.
Pardon me. Couldn’t hear the harkening.
Couldn’t see the darkening. Lost inside the music.
Music is a part of me. Lost all deep inside of me.
Nothing but the tones all in sight of me.

(Outro Note)
NOW PRESENTING: The Death of Keo Major.
*It was just an Experiment.*
I thought this would be easy to write. I imagined that dying would make me have something poignant to say.
I felt like… deep emotions would pour forth from my pen, like an inky, eternal catharsis, spilling over into a 25 page suicide letter. That isn’t happening.
Instead, I find myself wondering, does anyone ever feel ready to die? Like, really ready? No regrets, no worries, no wonders, no fears.
I mean, I’m not ready to die. It’s scary. But, I have to die. There’s a bit of pride beneath the fear. But, I have to sacrifice myself. It’s necessary.
*Twelve seconds to the apocalypse.* They’re calling for me. I’m shaking.
I wonder, if she was here, would I cry onto her shoulders? Hah. She doesn’t exist. She isn’t real. She’s the ineffable soulmate that exists so real, she’s everybody. But, she’s no one.
I feel like I should explicate. Drone on in whiny laconic croons of my youthful dismay and everything that’s ever gone wrong. But I find myself realizing, at the end, none of it matters.
You just find yourself embracing that last blissful infinite millisecond of being you. I.
It’s so great. It’s so terrible. The clock strikes Infinite 12 backwards. Setinifni.
R.I.P Keo Major. 2003 till 2015. Rest In Power, you Golden God. Hahaha.
Midas! Welcome to Th▲ V☼id R∞m.


from Drafted In Limbo, released February 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Kevin Midas Detroit, Michigan

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