Strawberry Papers in Summertime

from by Kevin Midas

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Research. But, first, every creator must live life. Gain experiences. Keo just chilling and smoking in the summer.


Chapter 2 ▲ Strawberry Papers in Summertime
(Verse 1)
Rolling up a doobie, with some groupies, in a hooptie.
How fast their legs hit the ceiling… think they had a roofie.
The greenery, changes the whole scenery.
Chicklets who were mean to me. Wanna come and sing for me…
And… yo girl keep on staring, and she lusting how it seems to be.
Tell her that this heart is taken. Mary Jane is queen to me.
This is not a task for me. Epic happens passively.
You put in One-Ten(110) for the shit that takes a half from me.
No faggotry. I ain’t wearing bags or jays. Nor whatever ads will play.
I’m the only maskless at this everlasting masquerade.
Back on game. Dense shit. I drop it at a faster rate.
Tell the chick to come alone. I wanna watch her masturbate.
Masticate. Ke drops another fucking massive plate.
Ugh! She ain’t even eating. She ain’t like thinking.
Got done blowing, say my swisher tastes the sweetest.
Point out her every weakness. Acting so elitist.
Like, I am something more. When, I’m just as bad as she is.

(Bridge 1 – Strawberry Papers)
So, I rap my hopes, my loves, my sins and my failures.
Now they know the real so these niggas tryna scathe us.
Strawberry Papers. Ink is my blood, nigga strawberry papers.
Rolling up a doobie… nigga… strawberry papers.

(Bridge 2 - Summertime)
Oh. Summer in the city. Back when life was easy.
And you know they call me Impy. So, I know you coming with me.
(Let’s go.)

(Verse 2)
Kicking it on Maple Street. They claiming I’m a monster.
Long day planned. Waiting. Tryna make it buffer.
Cool kids hanging round. Want to abort my summer.
So, I’m bout to start the war. Fort Sumpter.
1985. I’m just trying to be chill with mine.
Death God. Snatching daughters up at the winter time.
Arrogant fort built up to keep out the snow.
Ethan Frome denotes where my hope is bound to go.
Flashbacking, seasonal depression.
Spring in my step, jumping for the lesson.
Spending class in Hogwarts. Mastering my magic.
Reality pawned. Grab the wand. Spit Latin.
Met the girl in autumn. Fell like the seasons.
Healed my heart. Then she heaved it like a heathen.
Tricked with her treats. Teeth gleam as I’m bleeding.
Last of the Mohicans. Offered grieves for my grievance.


from Drafted In Limbo, released February 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Kevin Midas Detroit, Michigan

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